MAKER (English version)

The MAKER lesson series is based on the 'making' of a self-conceived (functional) idea. There is also programming involved, but not as a goal in itself. Creating a product idea is paramount. There are 7 projects that are related to one of the Seven Worlds of Technology. Each project consists of two parts (lessons).
The first part is the instructive part of the project. The students are guided by the lesson chart.
In the second part, students come up with prototypes and present their own project that is built on the basis of the technical knowledge they have gained in the first part of the project.
The seven worlds model was originally developed by and later modified by The model is used to let students experience that the technology is everywhere. The micro: bit projects are each linked to one of these worlds. This makes it easier for the teacher to let the students connect their micro: bit projects to the real world.


for the teacher

for the student


Explore the micro:bit - 1  

Explore the micro:bit - 2  

Explore the micro:bit  

Creativity & Design

Rock paper scissors   

Rock paper scissors - 1  

Rock paper scissors - 2  

Human body

Throwing a dice   

Throwing a dice - 1  

Throwing a dice - 2  

Science $ Research

Wire loop game   

Wire loop game - 1  

Wire loop game - 2  

Transport & Space


Odometer - 1  

Odometer - 2  

Food & Health

Let's playing with light   

Let's playing with light - 1  

Let's playing with light - 2  

Money & Trade

The quiz   

The quiz - 1  

The quiz - 2  

Our Planet

Talking plant   

Talking plant - 1  

Talking plant - 2  


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